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Our first podcast is now online!

Stories Disrupted | Success, No Less

Join host Heather Andrews as she talks to Veronique Dewilde about her story, how her journey was disrupted, and how she was able to get back on track to being a success despite some of the challenges she faced.

What's in the podcast?

Here is my first podcast about how and why you are in good hands with Koda Financial Architects. It tells the story how and why I became a financial advisor, how money works and what drives me every day to make financial wisdom go viral, unknowingly that would one day become my mission in life and for my company. I also discuss some myths about money, creating a awareness on how money is handled. Enjoy!


From a very young age, Veronique understood that money was very important since if you had it, you got food, a warm house, and happy people. If you didn’t have it, people around you weren’t as nice. Veronique wanted to know how to become rich, and growing up in the ’70s and ’80s, the American dream was anyone who wanted it, could make it. So, she worked hard to be the best at everything she did, school, sports, and work.Veronique was a very successful sales and marketing person in the corporate world but she wanted more freedom and to make more money. She moved to Canada to pursue her dreams. She read the book:” Why We Want you to Be Rich by D. Trump and R. Kiyosaki “, this changed her view on her income. Veronique had a mindset switch and she started her own business. Now she mentors educates and motivates people teaching them how to run a successful financial business. Veronique is now one of the highest-paid females in the industry, in less than a year. She desires to teach others to have what she has learned as the secret to her success.

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